The Czech-based crystal and glass lighting company Lasvit's installation at last week's Light+Building trade show at Frankfurt depicted thoughts on infinity. Lasvit's stand, Infinite Space was designed as an endless purple ribbon-shaped area, adorned with two glass art pieces by the designers Jitka Skuhrava and Katarina Fulinova.

The ribbon shape was the main inspiration behind putting together the exhibition, as a flawless and never-ending stripe of material. The purple ribbon also acted as a contrast and a backdrop to the two glass designs.

Katarina Fulinova created Fractals, designed to capture movement in a geometric way yet leaving the space for imagination. The components of the piece are made of hand-blown clear glass, with an occasional touch of amber. Each tube hangs in a different way on steel wires to create an airy whirl.

Jitka Skuhrava's Infinity measures to seven metres in length. The installation looks like the infinity symbol as the designer was inspired by both the endlessness of the universe and mathematics. The piece comprises of 1,400 hand-blown glass leaves, shaped as the letter S. Each leaf is also decorated with linear grooves, making the piece more dynamic and creating an impression of the wind playing with the leaves.

Light+Building, which this year concentrated on energy efficiency, took place from 15 to 20 April and saw some 196,000 visitors attending. The biennial trade show combines the fields of technology and architecture, concentrating on four key sectors: lighting, electrical engineering, home and building automation, software for the construction industry.