Even the best-designed shops tend to lose their sparkle after closing time. Traditionally there have been two choices: keep the lights blazing after the shop has closed – an unforgivable waste of electricity – or plunge the interior of the store into darkness, making the street look dull and forlorn.

But lighting designer Speirs + Major came up with a novel idea for one of its recent projects - a high end wine shop in London's Mayfair called Hedonism. During the day, the shop glows with an expertly designed lighting scheme, but after the shop closes in the evening, things turn even more atmospheric.

When the main lights of the shop are switched off, there begins a series of projections designed to draw attention to the store after hours and elicit a return visit.

Passers-by are drawn nearer by curious flickering light, which mimics waterfalls, lightning and even shadowy bats in flight.

This display, which was conceived to catch the attention of the large numbers of people who go by the store in cars and on foot, can be updated with different images and effects depending on the time of year.

Watch a video of the project in action here.