During the past couple of years there have been discussions on setting up a Guggenheim museum in Helsinki. While no decision has yet been set in stone, both the City of Helsinki and the board of the Guggenheim Foundation are considering the option of building the new museum by the sea in the city's South Harbour.

However, the students from Arkki,The School of Architecture for Children and Youth in Helsinki, were asked to assume that the plans have already been confirmed and were given the assignment to propose their own architecture for the new museum. They had absolute freedom in terms of materials and design and could come up with as wild ideas as possible.

The results are exhibited in Helsinki City Planning Department's planning and meeting space Laituri until 28 April. The exhibition is also part of the Helsinki World Design Capital programme. But if you're not planning on going to Helsinki in the near future, then here are some of the designs the students came up with. Who knows - perhaps one of those ideas will be used in the eventual design, if the plans for a Helsinki Guggenheim get a go-ahead.