As Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka battle it out at Wimbledon 2012, architecture and design practice BuckleyGrayYeoman celebrates an older Wimbledon champion with the launch of its Fred Perry store in Westfield Stratford City shopping centre.

One of three Fred Perry projects designed by the Shoreditch practice, including the Fred Perry Headquarters in Covent Garden, the new location follows its sibling stores' subdued design scheme with a few new unique features.

Running through the store's center is a seemingly chaotic explosion of 32 suspended brass leaves. Viewed from the store's entrance, this explosion is less random and more strategic as the leaves make up the shape of Fred Perry's laurel wreath logo - similar in concept to Channel Four's expanded four.

Like the brass leaves, the store's back wall deserves a second glance. From a distance, it appears to be a wall coated in semi-gloss white paint. A closer look reveals not gloss paint, but a wall of white Fred Perry pin badges.
Large black and white pictures of Fred Perry himself and his famous polo shirt cover the top of the right-hand wall while the opposite wall features two rows of illuminated footwear and accessory displays, running through the store's deep linear space. In the center, sitting atop wooden parquet flooring, lie eight concrete tables that run for 12m under the dangling ceiling leaves.

The store's launch marks 60 years of the brand's existence. Three-time Wimbledon champion Fred Perry birthed his brand in the late 1940s with the tennis world's first sweatband. From there, he released the cotton pique shirt with Laurel Wreath emblem, a staple piece of the brand today.

BuckleyGrayYeoman is also designing a Fred Perry branch for Munich that will open in August.