With the eyes of the world on London for this summer's Olympic Games, The British Council is getting in on the act by staging its first International Architecture and Design Showcase. Taking place across the capital from 21 June to 23 September, the event will welcome architects, artists, designers and delegates from countries including Egypt, Iraq, Russia, and Japan.

The British Council says it wanted to create an international atmosphere to match that of the Olympic Games. Its answer was to bring artists from around the world to a three-month long showcase that officials claim will be the largest culmination of designers and architects London has ever hosted.

Visitors can expect to learn about global architecture and design through a series of exhibitions, debates, and workshops. One of the first to present is Urban Sports Pockets, put on by The Austrian Cultural. This exhibition will study recreation spaces in London and Vienna.

In July, Director of the Institute of Ideas Claire Fox will host a debate titled Architecture as Antidote. Debaters will discuss whether or not metropolitan architecture should promote a healthy lifestyle. Then, in September, Tanzania's Anza Magazine, the first architectural magazine in East Africa, will celebrate the publication of their its issue.

The Showcase will conclude with the London Design Festival from September 14 to 23. This nine-day long festival focuses on the city's own fashion designers, graphic designers and architects and draws things closer to home after celebrating a global showcase.