Not an everyday sight here in the UK, but over in New Zealand grain silos are regularly found in areas where farm animals roam. Filled with animal feed, grain silos have always been content with just doing what they do best, but Stuart Wright-Stow and F3 Design have got bigger plans for these gleaming structures.

Stuart Wright-Stow - founder of Silo Stay Accommodation and father to F3 Design founders Angela and Pippin - has come up with the bright idea of the grain silos being used as individual motel units, as part of an innovative, eco-friendly and affordable accommodation complex. F3 Design has designed the Silo Stay complex in Banks Peninsula, New Zealand, which has eight single units each sleeping two people, plus a family unit. A manager's unit will also be erected to complete this exciting project.

Each two-storey unit is 8.7m high and the peak has a glazed lid allowing a glimpse of the night sky. Upstairs houses a queen sized bed and en suite, while downstairs has a kitchen and living area.

The next step for these guys is to use grain silos to create inner city office complexes, which are being designed as we speak.