The Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel proposed an interesting challenge for DuPont's award-winning material Corian last spring - outfitting the interiors and exteriors of its large hotel.

Architects from Estudio Vila 13 used the solid, durable material, originally advertised as a substance for bathroom and kitchen surfaces, to build everything from the hotel's main facade to its cocktail bars.

The hotel originally opened last summer without the Corian decorations. It wasn't until its season kick-off party this May when it introduced the new look.

Approaching the main entrance, guests first notice the facade's Corian cubes, backlit with purples and blues. At night, these cubes give the building a different feel from its more reserved daytime appearance.

And matching the front's geometric luminosity are backlit Corian cylinders speckled throughout the center pool. Guests use them to relax next to during the daytime. Then, at night, they transform to match the hotel's party atmosphere where DJs play music and guests can visit two full-service cocktail bars for drinks.